We stock 2 to 25HP in NJ/WA, and 30 to 150HP in NC

USEMCO Web-Station

USEMCO Web-Station is a cloud based application that allows users remote access to view their custom pump station controls. This unique application also gives USEMCO remote access to these controls for troubleshooting capabilities. Web-Station is easy to use and easy to install. Just download, subscribe, and monitor from anywhere!

Now Representing Mitsubishi Electric

Reiner Pump Systems is excited to announce that we are representing Mitsubishi Electric Inverter products in the Municipal market for both our Northeast and Pacific Northwest locations.  We have been using Mitsubishi drives, almost exclusively, through our control and systems manufacturer, USEMCO, for 20 years with outstanding success. Mitsubishi products will be a great addition to our product line to better serve our clients.

ABS Pumps will be BABA compliant Q1 2024 with short leadtimes.

Made in SC, USA

Reiner Pump Systems

NJ NY PA Water & Wastewater Pump Company

Reiner Pump Systems started in 1998 as a family owned business and has grown into one of the most respected Pump Sales force in the Northeast.  The company specializes in solving problems in the water and wastewater industry. Our caring staff always responds quickly to our customers needs and emergencies.  We offer submersible and dry-pit wastewater pumps, packaged pump stations, split-case, vertical turbine pumps, mixers, turbo compressors, pressure sewer systems, end-suction pumps, and booster systems.  We represent  Sulzer-ABS, Usemco, Seepex, Patterson, Tigerflow, Little Giant-Franklin Electric and National Pump in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

abs pump company Best anti-clogging performance in the industry Premium Ecient Motors Submersible Mixers Turbo Compressors
USEMCO Packaged Pump Stations for Water and Wastewater Turnkey Solutions/Single Point Responsibility Complete UL Packages
Sulzer Formerly Johnston Pump Vertical Turbine Pumps Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps

Reiner Pump Racing Team

“The Reiner Pump Racing Team was created to teach and mentor our young men and woman on the team about basic communication, business and marketing skills to advance their knowledge and effectiveness as they start their adult lives.  The team members run the team themselves, and all have roles to play in the success or failure of the team.  It is not always about winning the race, although they do that too.  We are pleased that in the teams early development, they are doing better than we could have hoped for with professionalism, asking the right questions, and most importantly, working together for common goals.  Please say hi to the team members and provide feedback as you see fit.”

NJ NY PA Water & Wastewater Pump Company

Reiner Pump Systems makes sure we fit the right product to the right application. Our Salespeople and Application Engineers are professionals that help you and/or your client find the best solution. We routinely help solve existing troublesome problems. Our 40 years of collective pump and water system experience are ready to help you.

Reiner Packaged Pump Systems, packaged pumps, pump company

Packaged Pump Systems

Reiner Pump System was founded on the belief that packaged pump systems had a bright future in the water industry. We have successfully commissioned over 30 million dollars of packaged pump stations since 1998. Our customers say it best: “That’s the way to do a pump station”. Let us help you design one.

Reiner Clean Water Pump Systems

Clean Water Pump Systems

We are proud of the many water pump projects we have completed, from the smaller 5HP units to our larger 1250HP projects. The manufacturers we represent are the best in the business. We make sure of it.

ABS Wastewater Pumps Systems Installation Company

Wastewater Pump Systems

With the addition of ABS in 2005, we have grown our wastewater business every year. From new applications to solving existing problems, our territory managers and engineers are the most knowledgeable and responsive in the industry. We will tell you and your clients how and also why. 150HP pumps in stock help too.

Sulzer BABA

We are excited to share with you our newest promotional flyer highlighting Sulzer's BABA capabilities. In the coming weeks, we'll be launching a dedicated landing page on sulzer.com, accompanied by a digital campaign. We encourage you to share this flyer with your...

New Location in the Pacific Northwest

Reiner Pump Systems is excited to announce that we are opening our first new office/warehouse in the Pacific Northwest region! As we get our new location online, we will be ramping up the availability and stock levels of Sulzer-ABS, Usemco, and Franklin Electric...

ABS Pumps will be BABA compliant Q1 2024 with short leadtimes.

Coming into the first quarter of 2024, ABS pumps will be BABA compliant with a short lead time.

USEMCO: TopVault Video

Learn more about USEMCO's newest pump, the TopVault.  

HST™ – The World’s Most Sustainable and Economical Turbo Blower

The HST turbocompressor is a blower for wastewater treatment and industrial applications. It is based on unique high speed motor technology which gives you great energy savings and minimal maintenance. In this animation we show the advantages of magnetic bearings and...

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