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Reiner Pump Systems works with the top manufacturers in the industry to design, build, and maintain the best pump systems around.
Successful projects don’t just happen by themselves.  It takes all parties to be good at what they do, from the Owner, Consulting Engineer, Manufacturer, Manufacturers Rep., Contractor, and Service Personnel.  We try hard to make sure all parties understand their important role in making a project successful.  From the beginning, Reiner Pump Systems makes sure we represent manufacturers who really care about what they do, with good people, good products, and a ‘yes we can’ attitude.

Submersible & Dry-Pit Pumps

Sulzer-ABS, Meriden, CT

Submersible & Dry-Pit Pumps
Sulzer-ABS is an innovator in the pump, mixer and blower industry.  Some of the firsts are closed-loop cooled dry-pit motors, semi-open impellers, and premium efficient motors.  Others attempt to copy, but fail to reproduce ABS’s overall complete package.  The latest Contrablock-Plus impeller is a game changer.

Usemco, Tomah, WI Packaged Pump Systems

Usemco, Tomah, WI

Packaged Pump Systems
During Reiner Pump Systems early days, we studied and sought out the best of the best, and Usemco stood out.  Their people, processes, and products have proven their value and worth over time.  Our repeat customers are a testament to our mutual success together.

Seepex, Wastewater Products

Seepex, Enon, OH

Wastewater Products
Seepex is new to us in 2017. Seepex is a leading worldwide specialist in pump technology. Their progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems are used wherever low to highly viscous, aggressive or abrasive media must be conveyed at low pulsation rates.

National Pump, Glendale, AZ

National Pump, Glendale, AZ

Vertical Turbines
National Pump expanded to the east coast about 8 years ago and has built a great following.  Purchased by Gorman-Rupp in 2011, things are only going to get better for National.  Plants in MS, GA, and AZ offer quick turn-around.  View our projects page.


Patterson Pump, Toccoa, GA

Water/WW HD Pumps
Patterson still makes pumps really heavy duty.  Also owned by Gorman-Rupp (1986).  One of the companies we started with.  We have completed many successful projects from 10 to 500HP.  Their plant in Toccoa, GA still stands out as one of the best.  Great people and products.

Tigerflow, Dallas, TX Packaged Water Boosters

Tigerflow, Dallas, TX

Packaged Water Boosters
Another company we started with back in 1998.  Tigerlfow is one of the early packaged booster manufacturers, and one of the very few to have stood the test of time.  Simple, fair, good product that is hard to beat.  We have commissioned 100’s of units.

Franklin Electric – FPS, OK Water/WW Pumps and Systems

Franklin Electric – Fort Wayne, IN

Water/WW Pumps and Systems
It all started in 1998 when we stood with the new Power Sewer pioneered by Interon, Inc.  Franklin Electric purchased Interon in 2005, and Franklin Electric is now re-arranging into FPS which is now their Engineered products division.  We still make the great Power Sewer, and have added the NC non-clog  and VR multi-stage pumps.

Pioneer Pump Heavy duty self-priming centrifugal pumps for water and wastewater applications

Pioneer Pump, Canby, OR

Heavy duty self-priming centrifugal pumps for water and wastewater applications

Available in portable, electric, or diesel packages. Pioneer Prime vacuum prime assist pumps deliver extreme flows with high head capability. This advanced system is capable of rapid (50 CFM) unattended priming and run-dry operation for the ultimate in remote operation.  This is up to 10 times faster than our competitors. Use your old diesel engine to power our PioneerPrime pump package.  We will design a package for you.

Pioneer Pump Heavy duty self-priming centrifugal pumps for water and wastewater applications

Mitsubishi Electric, Cypress, CA

Variable Frequency Drives

The best choice for a complete range of applications. Inverters are variable frequency power supply units which can change the rotation speed of the three-phase induction motors easily and flexibly. High-performance and environmentally friendly inverter compliant with global standards. An extensive range of models are available according to application. We have been using Mitsubishi drives, almost exclusively, through our control and systems manufacturer, Usemco, for 20 years with outstanding success. Mitsubishi products is a great addition to our product line to better serve our clients.

SEEPEX Virtual Reality App

Reiner Pump is excited to be working with SEEPEX, a leading worldwide specialist in pump technology. SEEPEX offers a new, free app - SEEPEX VR - so users can see SEEPEX’s patenting Smart Conveying Technology and pump portfolio in virtual and augmented...

600,000 gpm Pumps in New Orleans

We were not a part of this project, but we just wanted to show you a unique project that Patterson Pump did for the ongoing Army Corp of Engineers projects in New Orleans. We don’t know the details other than Jamie, Craig and I were at Patterson’s plant in Georgia...

Sulzer ABS XFP pump with Contrablock impeller solves reliability and clogging problem

Customer at Burlington City Sewer Department , NJ was experiencing reliability issues at one of their main influent pump station utilizing a channel impeller pump. Customer was seeking relief from clogging and unreliable pumps. An ABS XFP pump with a Contrablock...

Energy Savings at the Township of Neptune Sewage Authority

Facility Description The Township of Neptune Sewerage Authority (TNSA) owns and operates a wastewater treatment plant located in the Township of Neptune and provides wastewater treatment for Neptune Township, Wall Township, Avon by the Sea, Bradley Beach, Neptune...

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