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Wastewater Pump Systems

Reiner designs wastewater pumps in the tri-state area.
Wastewater pumps are similar to water pumps except they must pass solids.  The type of solid has changed in the past 10 years with increases in concentration because of low-flow fixtures and more robust throw-away cleaning products.  Manufacturers have been adjusting and redesigning their products to address these newer issues.  Some successfully, some not.  Certainly, efficiency remains an important ruler, however not at the expense of potentially clogging.  A balance is required, all while trying to make a reliable, available, and care free product.  Reiner Pump Systems understands this balance well.  Let our 30 years of experience try and help you.

ABS Sultzer Wastewater Pump Systems

Sulzer-ABS; CT & SC

We’ve been the ABS Rep since 2005, and Rep’d their sister Company Pumpex before that.  We’ve grown ABS’s market share in our market area over 15% every year since then.  Their latest innovative products like the XFP, XRW, Piranha PE, and HST are the pinnacle in the world that everyone else is trying to copy.  If you haven’t tried ABS, you should.

Seepex pumps installation companies NJ NY PA


SEEPEX is a leading worldwide specialist in positive displacement pump technology. Their progressive cavity pumps, chemical metering pumps/skids, macerators and control systems are used wherever low to highly viscous, aggressive or abrasive media must be conveyed at low pulsation rates.  Customers choose Seepex because they offer excellent, reliable and cost-efficient engineered solutions.  Manufactured in Enon, OH since 1991.

usemco wastewater pumps

Usemco; WI

Starting in 1998, we sought out to change the packaged system market for wastewater, and we did.  Usemco’s simple packaged products like the PumpMate and Modular PumpMate are second to none.  Their non-proprietary ‘Sentry’ controls are liked and favored by anyone that owns them.  We stopped counting how many we’ve done after 50, a long time ago.

Patterson Pumps - Wastewater pump systems in NJ NY PA

Patterson; GA

Patterson makes the very heavy duty F- Series, NCS, and MVPT products for the wastewater market.   Still built the old-fashion way with hands on care.  They also have one of the largest test stands in the USA.  If you’ve ever bought or used a very large pump, chances are it was tested at Patterson’s great plant in Toccoa, GA.

Franklin Electric Wastewater Pump Installation Company

Franklin Electric Engineered

Franklin Electric is the new name for Little Giant Engineered products that we have Rep’d since 1998.  The Power Sewer grinder pump system is still one of the best, if not the best.  New NC series non-clog submersibles are avail to 10HP, utilize a semi-open impeller for great non-clog performance.

Franklin Electric Wastewater Pump Installation Company

Pioneer Pump, Canby, OR

Pioneer was purchased by Franklin Electric in 2012, and has elevated their resources and market share since.  Pioneer Pump makes heavy duty water and wastewater pumps.  They are mostly known for their market leading Pioneer Prime priming system which is mostly applied on their portable diesel products, but has many other applications as well.  We became their representative in 2015, and have since solved many of our customers problems with these great products.  Their new Vortex Series, avail. with or without Pioneer Prime is already working hard in NJ.

USEMCO: TopVault Video

Learn more about USEMCO's newest pump, the TopVault.  

HST™ – The World’s Most Sustainable and Economical Turbo Blower

The HST turbocompressor is a blower for wastewater treatment and industrial applications. It is based on unique high speed motor technology which gives you great energy savings and minimal maintenance. In this animation we show the advantages of magnetic bearings and...

Designed for Modern Wastewater – The XFP Submersible Sewage Pumps with Contrablock Plus Impeller

The XFP pumps with Premium Efficiency IE3 motors as standard are the best choice to ensure efficient and reliable pumping in any wastewater pumping station. The submersible wastewater pumps are equipped with Contrablock Plus impellers and are designed to process...

SEEPEX Virtual Reality App

Reiner Pump is excited to be working with SEEPEX, a leading worldwide specialist in pump technology. SEEPEX offers a new, free app - SEEPEX VR - so users can see SEEPEX’s patenting Smart Conveying Technology and pump portfolio in virtual and augmented...

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