Customer at Burlington City Sewer Department , NJ was experiencing reliability issues at one of their main influent pump station utilizing a channel impeller pump. Customer was seeking relief from clogging and unreliable pumps.

An ABS XFP pump with a Contrablock impeller was put into service at this station. The ABS pump was placed in the “lead” position. The pumps have proven to be exceptionally reliable and have operated flawlessly. The ABS pump at this station has been the “lead” pump to operate at this station. The channel impeller pump is serving as a backup to the Sulzer ABS pump.

Customer has benefited by having the Sulzer ABS pump by not having to unclog pumps or pull pumps for service. Maintenance personnel have had more time to attend to other municipal maintenance issues. Customer’s positive experience with the Sulzer ABS product has led them to seek potential pump replacements in additional pump stations in the sewer system and replace the two remaining main influent pumps this year.

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