About Reiner Pump Systems

Reiner Pump Systems is the leading water and wastewater pump company in the tri-state area. Reiner Pump Systems, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Shirley and Chris Reiner.  We started with three lines, Patterson, Tigerflow, and Interon (now Franklin Electric), which we still represent today.  We added Usemco and Pumpex (absorbed into ABS in 2004) a few years later, which we also still represent today.  We have grown to 4 outside salesmen or territory managers, and 3 inside support staff.  From the beginning, fairness, honesty, work ethic, and integrity is our mission.  We focus on staying above the fray so we can focus on the most important factor which is making sure that our customers like what we do for them. We happily moved into a new office-warehouse in June 2017, so we are centrally located in our market area for quick pump pick-ups.


Shirley Reiner

Shirley is a founder, and from the beginning, she steers our company within it’s bounds.  Easy to say, hard to do.  Shirley has a business/marketing degree from San Diego State University.  Her experience with Shell Oil and PSE&G helped our company.

Chris Reiner

Vice President
Chris has always done the pump part of the business. By himself at first, and then training the best pump salesmen in the country. Chris comes from Drexel University, with stops at Ingersoll-Rand, Veasey and Murphy, and Hayes Pump.

Ingo Pedersen

Inside Sales
Ingo started in 2009 and is our go-to guy for all sales and customer support. His most important job is to be the liaison between the project, the salesman and the customer to ensure the highest quality job!

Jamie Newgarde

Territory Manager
Jamie came to us after years of sales experience in the wastewater and water industry. We couldn’t be happier with his professionalism and pro-salesmanship. He covers the immediate NY-Metro area for us. Masters degree from Rider University.

Craig Reiner

Territory Manager
After Craig’s FA-18 Hornet flying days were coming to a close for the US Navy (with two combat tours), we knew he would be a good fit for us. He started in 2012, and has impressed us with his rise to pump salesmen stardom. Craig covers Phila-Metro. The only thing that rattles Craig is “landing on a pitching deck, at night, in a storm. Everything else is easy.”

Dennis Tarnowski

Territory Manager
Dennis is our newest edition to the Reiner Pump Team. We are excited to welcome his 20 years of sales experience. He will be servicing the North Eastern PA Territory.

Beth Hills

Administrative Support
Beth has been our go-to inside admin. support and receivables manager. She directs and handles the customer calls and keeps the office flowing smoothly. Whatever the need or emergency, she can get you exactly to the right person or place!

600,000 gpm Pumps in New Orleans

We were not a part of this project, but we just wanted to show you a unique project that Patterson Pump did for the ongoing Army Corp of Engineers projects in New Orleans. We don’t know the details other than Jamie, Craig and I were at Patterson’s plant in Georgia...
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Sulzer ABS XFP pump with Contrablock impeller solves reliability and clogging problem

Customer at Burlington City Sewer Department , NJ was experiencing reliability issues at one of their main influent pump station utilizing a channel impeller pump. Customer was seeking relief from clogging and unreliable pumps. An ABS XFP pump with a Contrablock...
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Energy Savings at the Township of Neptune Sewage Authority

Facility Description The Township of Neptune Sewerage Authority (TNSA) owns and operates a wastewater treatment plant located in the Township of Neptune and provides wastewater treatment for Neptune Township, Wall Township, Avon by the Sea, Bradley Beach, Neptune...
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