NJDWSC Backwash Water Tank Upgrade

The North Jersey District Water Supply Commission (NJDWSC) had to take their filter backwash water tank out of service to be refurbished.  Filter backwashes are performed many times a day so pumps would have to be installed to provide filter backwash water while the tank was out of service.

Sulzer/ABS XFP 501U-SK3 pumps were selected to provide backwash water with a design point of 12,000 GPM @ 32 feet TDH.  The close-coupled pumps have a hydraulic efficiency of 81 percent, a wire to water efficiency of 76%, and the 139HP motors are kept cool by closed-loop cooling jackets.  The horizontal installation best utilized the available space and minimized the piping required to connect to the existing discharge header.

600,000 gpm Pumps in New Orleans

We were not a part of this project, but we just wanted to show you a unique project that Patterson Pump did for the ongoing Army Corp of Engineers projects in New Orleans. We don’t know the details other than Jamie, Craig and I were at Patterson’s plant in Georgia...
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Sulzer ABS XFP pump with Contrablock impeller solves reliability and clogging problem

Customer at Burlington City Sewer Department , NJ was experiencing reliability issues at one of their main influent pump station utilizing a channel impeller pump. Customer was seeking relief from clogging and unreliable pumps. An ABS XFP pump with a Contrablock...
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Energy Savings at the Township of Neptune Sewage Authority

Facility Description The Township of Neptune Sewerage Authority (TNSA) owns and operates a wastewater treatment plant located in the Township of Neptune and provides wastewater treatment for Neptune Township, Wall Township, Avon by the Sea, Bradley Beach, Neptune...
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